Walter E. Piatt

Ethical change agent. Proven strategic leader.

Drawing upon decades of military and civilian experience to drive impactful change with a strategic mindset and a passion for innovation and purpose.

Walt Piatt standing in Wounded Warrior Project headquarters in front of historical military posters.


Hi, I’m Walt. My official title is Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Walter E. Piatt.

I’m a seasoned leader starting from humble beginnings in western Pennsylvania. I served as the Commanding General at Fort Drum, New York, and later as the Director of the Army Staff at Army Headquarters in Washington, DC. I’m carrying on my legacy of service as the chief executive officer of Wounded Warrior Project®, ensuring veterans and their families receive the support they deserve.

“Many of the values I honor today are from lessons I learned in the Army. I learned to seek new perspectives without fear, accept the differences of others without judgment, speak without shouting, and live with empathy.”

Walter Piatt


These books are a collection of profoundly personal short stories and poems from my deployments to Afghanistan. They reflect on the challenging transition from conflict to peace and the physical and emotional scars those impacted by war can carry with them.

Book cover showing snowcapped mountains.

She Came to the Door to Wave Good-bye

A soldier’s thoughts about family, life, and the war in Afghanistan.

“America did not change on Sept. 11th—it is the same as it has been for the past…”

Book cover showing uniformed soldiers walking in the desert.


The story of the 2nd Battalion 27th Infantry “Wolfhounds” in Paktika, Afghanistan.

“I will never forget the brave Wolfhounds I served with, I will forever see their smiles, understand their fears, and admire their courage. The world will…”

Walt Piatt, Wounded Warrior Project CEO sits and talks with others around a conference room table.


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